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The Purse Perch is finally here!

What is The Purse Perch?

The Purse Perch is the “comfort zone” for those who carry a handbag, briefcase, or a hat into a restaurant, hotel, office, salon, or into a home or bedroom.  As it stands close by you, The Purse Perch is the perfect location to relieve concern for your personal belongings until you are ready to leave.

The perfect accessory for every restaurant, hotel, office and home.

The Purse Perch Logo

Our Story

  • Do you enjoy peace of mind when seated at your favorite restaurant, secure that your personal belongings are close by and in sight?
  • Does holding your bag on your lap or hanging it on the back of the chair while you eat give you greater enjoyment of the moment?
  • Do you, for security’s sake, like placing your handbag, briefcase, or tote bag on the floor under the table where shoes have left dirt, germs and bacteria?
  • Then, would you place your now-contaminated bag on your lap, or bring it home and place it on the kitchen counter or into the bedroom?


Those were our thoughts as we dined out.  Then we traveled abroad and noticed that other countries used a purse perch to accommodate their customers.  There was instant comfort and peace of mind to know we could focus on relaxing and enjoying our meal without being concerned about our belongings.  We wondered why this simple yet so thoughtful service is not available here.  So, we decided to bring that same level of comfort to others.

The Purse Perch is the ideal accessory for every restaurant, hotel, office and home!

Details & Dimensions

  • The Purse Perch is manufactured in Mexico.
  • Made of high-quality tubular steel and extremely durable high-grade plastic.
  • The base consists of four stem legs that are evenly spaced 13” apart.
  • The top prongs are spaced 5½” apart to maintain great balance when supporting weight.
  • Height is 42½“– a perfect height to allow maximum stacking of handbags, briefcases and hats, yet still be unobtrusive within your décor.
  • Weight is only 3.2 lbs, yet is capable of holding approximately 10 plus handbags or totes, while supporting a weight of 75 lbs plus.
  • Colors offered are black and/or brown to blend into the motif of any environment.
  • We minimize freight costs by packing the unconstructed Purse Perch in a shippable box with dimensions of 30 ½” long x 7 ½” wide x 2 ½“ deep. Easy assembly in minutes.
The Purse Perch

Height 42½“

About Us

The Purse Perch is an item of furniture on which handbags, briefcases, hats or sweaters may be hung when you go into a restaurant, hotel, office, salon, or into a home or bedroom. As it stands close by you, The Purse Perch is the perfect decor accessory to leave your personal belongings without any worries.