The Purse Perch is finally here!

Product Details

Product Dimensions

  • The Purse Perch is manufactured in Mexico.
  • Made of high-quality tubular steel and extremely durable high-grade plastic.
  • The base consists of four stem legs that are evenly spaced 13“ apart.
  • The top prongs are spaced 5½“ apart to maintain great balance when supporting weight.
  • Height is 42½“– a perfect height to allow maximum stacking of handbags, briefcases and hats, yet still be unobtrusive within your décor.
  • Weight is only 3.2 lbs, yet is capable of holding approximately 10 plus handbags or totes, while supporting a weight of 75 lbs plus.
  • Colors offered are black and/or brown to blend into the motif of any environment.

The perfect accessory for every restaurant, hotel, office and home

Purse Perch Colors are Customizable

The Purse Perch

Height 42½“

About Us

The Purse Perch is an item of furniture on which handbags, briefcases, hats or sweaters may be hung when you go into a restaurant, hotel, office, salon, or into a home or bedroom. As it stands close by you, The Purse Perch is the perfect decor accessory to leave your personal belongings without any worries.